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Who is the Healer's Toolmaker?

The journey of creating my one-of-a-kind ceramics and botanicals was born from the desire to provide education and tools to help users feel empowered in their own healing. We can follow and admire the best healers but until we breath attention into our own health and wellness our progress is limited. I feel we are our best healers, and we deserve to invest the time and care into our own wellbeing. No one knows your own physical, energy or spiritual needs more than you do. No one deserves your gentle touch and devotion as much as you do. My tools and botanicals help to provide more pleasure and ease for our mind, body and spirit. Helping us to create ritual with our self-care routines.

From my first ceramics class I took as an impressionable 20-year-old college student to present times each round of tools and vessels are carefully crafted by hand in small batches. Over time thoughtful designs have emerged such as my spoon/spear, smudge vessel, and meridian line tool. The attention to the way it feels in your hand or the lip of the tool are of the utmost importance. Each tool is a meditation for me, spending considerable time in my hand as i pinch, pull, shape and mold each ceramic tool. My master level ceramics training meeting my own healing journey, some users can feel the Reiki impression, energetically making the tools feel more captivating.

Each one-of-a-kind tool can be used in any way a user can imagine, but i love them especially in skin care rituals. To stir a small pot of face mask, smear on salve and of course for facial Gua Sha. Gently shaping around the contours of the face.

A wonderful and unique addition to your skin care and self-care rituals. The name came to be one beautiful summer day as i sat under a canopy of ancient tree growth and told a dear friend I wanted to be the healer's toolmaker and today I am. Come home to yourself and create the time and space for deep self-love as you are your own best Healer.

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